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Native Plant Propagation Class - Field Trip to Charlotte's Garden

All Classes at: Red Barn Classroom @ The Bear Valley Visitor Center*
1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

RSVP: Sarah Phillips • • (415) 663-1170 ext 302

Field trip to Charlotte’s Garden *Location given after RSVP

In this class we’ll visit a small, but very productive nursery, where you can see some simple
propagation systems all set up. We’ll also look at a variety of nursery containers, different soil
mediums, and options for irrigation systems. You’ll learn how to customize your soil mixes to
accommodate a variety of propagation options. We’ll also discuss best management practices
in a nursery to produce vigorous healthy plants and to avoid problems with plant pathogens.
Once you start to propagate your own plants you’ll begin to see the potential of ‘Mother Plants’
throughout your garden. We’ll look at a number of different plants to learn to determine which
propagation method is best for each species, and how to time your efforts for best results.