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Native Plant Propagation Class - Weeds, the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

All Classes at: Red Barn Classroom @ The Bear Valley Visitor Center*
1 Bear Valley Visitor Center Access Road, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

RSVP: Sarah Phillips • • (415) 663-1170 ext 302

Weeds – the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful!
The simplest definition of a weed is a ‘plant in a place where it is not wanted’! But where did
these weeds come from, and why? And now that they are here what do we do with them?
Some weedy species are edible, some are medicinal, and some are good habitat plants. Many
weedy species have multiple reproductive strategies which make them very hardy plants.
Certain truly invasive non-native species have proven to be very costly mistakes because
of the way in which they can destroy the bio-diversity of delicate natural environments.
In this class we’ll discuss a number of different species and talk about how to
either manage or eradicate problematic plants in order to restore sensitive
native habitats. We’ll also sample edible wild plants, and learn about some
of the valuable medicinal plants found in wild and disturbed sites.